Some Pseudo Science About Handshakes for Salespeople

What does your handshake say about you or the people you meet with?

I know a person who was an Inspector with the Chicago Police Department who later started a real estate career. He and I met at a real estate conference in Las Vegas where we struck up a conversation at a casino bar about what interrogation techniques he used to get information from his perps.

“How do you start an interogation” was one of my questions. His answer was interesting. He claimed he knew 50% of who he was dealing with by their handshake!

I told you this story started in “Las Vegas” and a “Casino Bar” for an important reason.  What I am reporting to you is psuedo science with a capital P.  But, as it turns out their is handshake science going back to interogators in Vietnam.

Here is what I annecdotaly know:


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