What is Social Media Management?

Social media has become a staple of the contemporary marketing mix, offering brands the opportunity to build real-time, one-on-one relationships with their customers. Social media management is the process of planning, creating, publishing, and analyzing your content on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as engaging with users on those platforms.

Why is Social Media and Community Management Important for Businesses and Organizations?

The broad purpose of social media and community management is to ensure that a brand’s social channels are managed in a consistent manner, and in a way that the brand’s identity remains recognizable and responsive in all its communications with its audience.

Effective social media marketing helps customers connect with a brand on a personal level and increases brand loyalty and customer retention.  Marketers can customize content based on their customers’ location, gender, age, interests, behaviors, job title, and other personal factors. And they can track and measure content performance in real-time.

We help companies develop and manage their social media presence to support their marketing goals.

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2hr 27min

Average daily usage of social media.


Marketers who rate short-form video as most effective type of social media content.

4.8 Billion

Worldwide internet users, which equates to almost 62% of the world’s population.


Consumers who are likely to recommend a brand after a positive experience on social media.


Strategy & Research

Any social media campaign’s success starts with a sound strategy. First, we’ll meet with you to talk about your difficulties and goals, whether you want to raise brand awareness, build a dedicated fan base, or generate higher-quality sales leads. Then we research everything from current trends to competitor strategies to your audience’s social media habits in order to create a well-informed plan of action that outlines what we want to post, when we want to post it, what platform we’ll use, and how much of your budget we recommend spending on promotion. We compile all of this data and give it to you in a monthly content calendar to guarantee that we’re all on the same page and that our strategy is carried out smoothly.


Content Creation

Creating Engaging Content

Once we’ve developed a strategy we begin crafting your content. We put ourselves in the consumer’s shoes and develop interesting pieces based on our research that will resonate with your audience, whether it’s sharing trends, teaching them how to make their lives easier, or offering them a great deal. Because 46% of social media users claim they’ll unfollow a company if it’s too forceful, we like to apply the rule of thirds to keep our feeds fresh by splitting material into promotional, inspiring, and instructive categories. To keep things interesting, we share a mix of staged photography, natural pictures, and user-generated images.


Content Scheduling

Once content has been created, proofed by our grammar experts, and authorized by the client, we put together a comprehensive content schedule. We want each post to be viewed by the right individuals at the right time and in the right place for maximum engagement opportunities. Depending on your industry and content needs, we can schedule your content for one, three, or six months in advance. We will also recommend promoting certain postings as a single ad or as part of a larger campaign in order to grow your social network following. Each month you will receive a detailed report on what is working and areas we can improve upon.


Community Interaction

Interfacing With Your Audiences

When it comes to growing a following, you can’t just schedule your updates and forget about them. It all comes down to creating an interactive community with your target audience. Building relationships is a part of what we do every day, and it helps your brand’s reputation. We handle your reputation as if it were our own, from reaching out to influencers or possible partners to responding to reviews, messages, and comments. By doing so, we establish confidence and loyalty with your audience, ensuring that they will come to you anytime they require assistance. This advantage over the competition will eventually translate into a rise in sales, which is usually the final goal.


Measurement & Reporting

Without evidence to back it up, social media can’t be considered truly successful. As a result, analytics and reporting play a critical role in our overall strategy. We can track a range of actions, from likes to shares to clicks to sales, and everything in between. We go above and beyond merely presenting data and figures. We spend time analyzing what’s working, what isn’t, and how we can better use our time and your money to help you achieve your objectives. No two strategies can be the same, just as no two audiences are the same. It’s all about fine-tuning our efforts to meet your unique requirements.

The most important thing to remember when launching a new social media campaign is that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. You won’t go viral immediately, and it may take some trial and error before your efforts get traction. 

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