Getting the Maximum from your Media Spend

There are a mind-numbing amount of choices today in digital media; search, display, YouTube, sponsored content, social media.

The targeting options for all of these channels adds even more complexity. Without the tools, time, and expertise, it can be hard to know if your marketing dollars are being spent efficiently.

National Pixel can help create high-performance ads and targeted campaigns, using all the tools of digital media to optimize how your marketing budget is spent. Our team of paid media specialists, data scientists, and creatives will connect you with your audiences to generate more qualified leads and greater sales revenue with maximum effectiveness.

Paid Media Basics

A proper paid media strategy involves plenty of moving parts and decisions to make for the best-performing campaign possible. These elements include:


Paid, Owned, and Earned media are all useful for attracting, nurturing, and closing leads, but what do they all mean? What role do they play in your company’s marketing strategy, and how do they fit in?

While all three media strategies are critical to your overall goals and should be integrated into your overall plan, there are some key differences to be aware of.

Paid Media

Paid or bought media are media where there is investment to pay for visitors, reach or conversions through search, display ad networks or affiliate marketing. Offline traditional media like print and TV advertising and direct mail remain important accounting for a large share of paid media spend.

Owned media

This is media owned by the brand. Online this includes a company’s own websites, blogs, mobile apps or their social presence on Facebook, Linked In or Twitter. Offline owned media may include brochures or retails stores.

Earned Media

Traditionally, earned media has been the name given to publicity generated through PR invested in targeting influencers to increase awareness about a brand. It includes word-of-mouth that can be stimulated through viral and social media marketing and includes conversations in social networks, blogs, and other communities.


Audience & Competitor Research

Audience targeting is a method that involves separating audiences into different segments depending on things like interests, hobbies, and demographic data. This is where we begin before starting any campaign. Once we’ve established your goals and targeting parameters, we research your industry and competitors to evaluate what’s going on in the marketplace.


Applying our insights to your audiences, we check all the boxes in setting up your campaigns strategically. We build out audience groups, plan spend, put creative together, and strategize how we intend to start testing and optimizing once the campaigns launch.

Search Engine

Google alone gets over 3.5 billion searches a day. With users rarely venturing past the first page, we use search engine marketing to get your brand to the top of Page One – and top of mind.

Leveraging our keyword research and audience data, we create highly targeted ads that position your business and offerings for greater visibility and deliver the information, calls-to-action, and trust-building messaging that gets users clicking.

Social Media

Between the sophisticated targeting capabilities, the range of creative formats, and the ability to make an impact with a small budget, social media remains a channel second to none for paid media. Our team are experts in building, monitoring, and optimizing creative social campaigns across all the major social networks. [link to social media page]

Display, Retargeting & Programmatic

Display and retargeting keep you front of mind and exploit the enormous reach of the web’s most popular publications. Depending on our strategy, we can make and optimize ad buys on Google Display Network and elsewhere, place direct buys on specialist sites where your audiences are found, and work with programmatic partners to deliver experiences targeted with even greater precision.

Measurement &

We continuously monitor KPIs to set benchmarks and measure performance against a campaign’s goals. Where ads are underperforming, we identify areas for improvements and make necessary adjustments.

We regularly report successes and suggest ways to boost campaign performance on a weekly or monthly basis, enabling us to shift spend to higher-performing channels and maximize our advertising reach.

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