Our Approach to Brand Strategy

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So what is a brand strategy? Here’s one definition:

The perfect brand strategy includes a big pioneering idea that’s grounded in customer insight with amazing creative that is executed flawlessly across the perfect media channels in order to make a deep connection with the client’s core audiences.

It’s a standard we always shoot for, but the reality is brand strategies should align with the client’s needs and goals first and foremost. So our process is not always a tidy sequence of steps, but rather overlapping phases that build upon and support one another. Some of these critical phases include:

Landscape Analysis

With any branding or marketing strategy assignment we always begin with a landscape analysis. To build a solid foundation we need to start with where you are. We want to understand your business in your own words. The things you do well and what could be improved. We need to know your competitors and the customers you are competing for. We want to define the opportunities and challenges for your business and make sure the decision-makers on your team are in agreement.

Depending on your business needs we may interview your employees and your clients/customers. We want to learn about their tastes and preferences so we can begin to understand if there is a big pioneering idea that your company can own.

Value Proposition, Brand Strategy and Messaging

When we ask 10 people at a company to define their value proposition we almost always get 10 different answers. It’s a very hard question to answer from inside your business. We help companies boil down and define a value proposition that will become the basis for their brand strategy and messaging. For most companies, we are not looking to make massive changes. We are trying to help define your brand for internal and external audiences.

If you can articulate what it is that you do differently and BETTER than your competition — what problem you are solving for your customer, then marketing your brand becomes a matter of getting this message in front of the right people. And never in the history of the world have we had more channels and sophisticated tools to get your messaging in front of them.

Customer Personas and Journey Mapping

Personas and customer journey maps are extremely important for brands who want to take a data-driven approach to their content. They help you understand what content you should create, how it should presented to your different audiences. And they provide direction for everything you do from a digital perspective and also from a business perspective.

Personas are snapshots in time of different segments within your unique target audience. Every persona group has similar behaviors within the group and they’re different across each group.

Customer journey maps show us how they engage with your brand over time. So, what channels are they using, what questions are they asking, what barriers do they face through the awareness phase, through consideration, conversion, all the way through to advocacy.

Brand Assets

Brand assets are recognizable elements that embody a company’s identity. From logos and typography to taglines, brand assets make it easy to identify a business, help it stand out from competitors, and cue customer associations.

Some examples:

  • Brand or Product Names and Naming Conventions
  • Logo Design and Identity Systems
  • Branding Style Guides
  • Slogans or Taglines
  • Brand Voice and Tone Examples
  • Branded Video and Audio
  • Websites and Landing Pages
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Packaging Design

We work with clients in different ways. Some want an entire redesign of their branded assets while others  just want us to extend what they have to a social media campaign or other project. Ultimately it is up to the client but we will offer informed recommendations.

In Conclusion

There is not a one-size-fits all approach for developing a brand strategy. We can work within your budget to develop a plan that will deliver a consistent, unified message and experience to your customers or anyone else who interfaces with your business or organization.
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